[Mediawiki-l] Do you use MediaWiki as a conference website?

Eric BEAUSSART eric.beaussart at orange.fr
Thu Apr 5 14:13:42 UTC 2012

I would like to use Mediawiki as a Website Administration Tool ! 
But, even with some knowledge in Computers, just as an User ! 
Unfortunately, I loaded it easyly, but did not succed to let it run ! 
As I told before, providing a mesh of Files is not enough ! 
A Launcher is compusory, and, in the case of a Computer with Windows as OS, 
a "setup.exe" or simillar ! 
The Mediawiki community did not take much part in help for such a "dumb's affair" ! 
Too bad ! I am sorry to use this contact just for a such stupid fact, 
but improving Mediawiki begins to let it Start "everywhere" ! 
Thank you for your attention. 
Eric Beaussart. 

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> Objet : [Mediawiki-l] Do you use MediaWiki as a conference website?
> If you administer a MediaWiki installation and use it as a conference
> website when you host conferences and conventions, you might be
> interested in this suggested summer project:
> > I seek to work on building a Convention extension as part of the Google
> > Summer of Code project.I have set up a proposal for the same , here is the
> > link http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/User:Chughakshay16/GSOCProposal(2012) .
> > I haven't found a mentor to work with me for this project yet, so if anyone
> > feels the need for this extension just the way I do, please feel free to
> > add the feedback to the proposal page, or reply here.
> > More information regarding this extension can be found here :-
> > http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/User:Chughakshay16/ConventionExtension
> > Thanks ,
> > Akshay Chugh
> > (irc - chughakshay16)
> No skilled MediaWiki administrators or developers have shown interest in
> mentoring this project, so right now it's unlikely to progress. If you
> think you could mentor him this summer, please reply to me and cc him at
> chughakshay16 at gmail.com . Mentoring takes about five hours a week
> (communication, code review, design help, and so on).
> (He is applying to participate in Wikimedia Foundation's Google Summer
> of Code program -- details at
> https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Summer_of_Code_2012/management#GSoC_management_philosophy
> and https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Summer_of_Code_2012 .)
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