[Mediawiki-l] New Extensions Special:Update, Realnames, HeadersFooters

Olivier Beaton olivier.beaton at gmail.com
Wed Sep 28 05:04:07 UTC 2011

Just a head's up about 3 new extensions I've come out with in the last
few weeks. They are all documented on my homepage and on mw.org


A Special:Version-like page that displays if the core or extensions
have new versions out. It currently uses official mediawiki bundles
(currently at 1.17.0) and extension pages on mw.org to get version
information. I'll be iterating releases on this extension a lot to
keep shipping "working" features, next up will be SVN, then GIT. I'm
aiming to support more than MW repos with it.



Many of us use the real name fields, especially when running LDAP auth
modules, and especially in corporate environments. If you're just
looking to append the realname to the display of usernames or replace
it altogether with realnames (from user prefs) then this extension is
for you. One day this will might be in core, until then this will work
on every single page in your wiki. If you find a place it's not
converting, let me know!



This extension lets you add a header or footer to pages on a global,
namespace, category or page basis.  The most useful part is for
example adding something to all User_talk: pages, or adding a
<references/> perhaps at the end of all pages in a specific category.
I plan to release a Special: page in the next version to make
header/footer creation urls more obvious, but until then it should be
fully functional.


Thanks for your time, and feel free to come chat with me in irc "Finlay".
Olivier Finlay Beaton

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