[Mediawiki-l] Where are user options cached?

Daniel Barrett danb at VistaPrint.com
Thu Sep 22 16:30:26 UTC 2011

Chad explains how to purge user preferences from cache:
>Depends on your caching setup. If you're using eAccelerator/APC/XCache,
>you can clear it by restarting Apache. If you're using the `objectcache` db
>table, you can clear it by removing the entries from that table. If you're using
>memcache, you can either restart memcache to flush it or use the 'mcc.php'
>maintenance script to delete individual entries.

So now I am completely stumped. I have tried clearing all users' 'skin' preferences (so they will use $wgDefaultSkin) by doing all of the following:

- Delete all rows from the user_properties table where up_property = 'skin'
- truncate table objectcache
- restart Apache (for eAccelerator) and use eAccelerator's own cache-purging command
- Deleted all cache files in $wgCacheDirectory
- User logged out of MediaWiki and logged back in
- User deleted all cookies and browser-cached content
- User restarted web browser

For some users, their skin *still* is not $wgDefaultSkin. It remains monobook, the previous value of $wgDefaultSkin.

We don't use the other caches you mention.

If they hit Special:Preferences and simply click Save, the problem goes away (for them) and their skin is now $wgDefaultSkin.

Any other ideas where this skin preference is being cached?


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