[Mediawiki-l] borked DB after importImages.php?

Platonides Platonides at gmail.com
Thu Sep 22 15:31:20 UTC 2011

Simon Steinbeiß schrieb:
> Hi everyone,
> sorry for the weird title of my post, let me quickly describe the
> problem and (what I assume is) its genesis.
> About two weeks ago I used importImages.php again to upload a batch of
> Images to my wiki, not realizing that I'd run out of disc-space (yeah,
> stupid me). So the script stalled in the middle of the process and I
> had to kill it with Ctrl-C. After I had figured out the problem,
> I removed a few files to free up some disc-space and thought everything
> would be fine again.

The db should have stayed in a consistent image (probably with half 
images registered). That's the db server duty, after all.

> But then the oddities started, sometimes pictures that I uploaded (no
> matter whether via imageImport or one by one with the normal
> web-uploader) started to randomely disappear and re-appear.
> Unfortunately these problems prevailed, so I decided to look into the
> problem a bit.
> The strange thing is, e.g. looking at Special:NewFiles, the thumbnails
> and Image-Info are sometimes there, but doing Refresh in the browser
> makes them alternatingly go away and re-appear. (I tried with both
> Firefox and Chromium.) When looking at file-links it's the same,
> sometimes they're red, then they're blue.

This doesn't make sense. You mentioned that you cleared cache, what 
about memcached? (objectcache table if not using memcached).

> So all in all I'm kinda assuming that this is a database-issue, but i
> have no clue how to "reset" the database without having to restore my
> content by hand (which I'd really rather not do, because it's a lot of
> work).

It seems a db problem. Have you tried to eg. stop & restart the db 
server? Which engine are you using?
What about running importImages *again*? (so that half-updated files get 
added). You could also remove everything from image table, and readd 
with importImages (well, you would lost the information on author and 
upload time, although could be consulted through Special:Log).

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