[Mediawiki-l] Reversing "Add HTML Meta and Title" extension

Kenneth Barry kbarry at packard.com
Mon Sep 5 15:57:15 UTC 2011

We have "Add HTML Meta and Title" extension installed. (
http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Add_HTML_Meta_and_Title). We can
easily "ADD" tags, but we don't see a method for removing them, or even
modifying them. I don't even know where the information we add is being kept
(Though i am sure its probably in the database, i have looked, and fear it
might be kept in the "BLOB" blocks, and i have no idea how to vew/modify
those fields, or if i would even want to. Someone mind looking at this
extension and helping me understand where the data is kept, or how to
remove/modify what the extension does to a page? What is completely
confusing is that the Extension lets you use the Page Editor (i don't know
the proper name) where the content of the page is created to add, using some
special formatting. But once you save, the text you enter disappears, so you
can't change it.

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