[Mediawiki-l] MW seems to get confused when IP address of client machine changes while user is logged in

Dan Nessett dnessett at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 10 18:16:43 UTC 2011

We have been experiencing problems with MW 1.16.2 related to logged in 
users on client machines where the IP address changes. I have looked over 
the Bugzilla reports but could not find anything obviously related.

If a user with a laptop logs into the wiki, puts the laptop to sleep, 
moves to a different location and then attempts to continue processing, 
the logs show his changes mapped to an IP address (or on one of our wikis 
as anonymous), rather than his user name. A simple thought experiment 
suggests the cookie presented to the wiki after the laptop move has a 
different IP address than the request message. This confuses MW, giving 
the user all his permissions (since he is logged in), but not properly 
identifying the user's name in the logs.

Has anyone else observed this and if so, are there ways to address this 

-- Dan Nessett

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