[Mediawiki-l] 1.18RC verification -- does it work for you?

Mark A. Hershberger mhershberger at wikimedia.org
Fri Nov 18 04:05:46 UTC 2011

Now that Sam has announced the 1.18 Release Candidate, we'd like to make
sure that we've created a tarball that will work.

Please give 1.18RC1 a try and add your experience to

I just upgraded one of the wikis I maintain from 1.15 and recorded my
experience.  Of course, as Sam writes in his announcement, you should
probably not do this on a production wiki "unless you are both very
brave and very confident in your MediaWiki administration skills."  So,
maybe you'll want to try it in a test installation.

That said, let us know of your successes!

Of course, we'd like to know about failures, too, and that page is an
appropriate place to report them (in addition to bugzilla), but we
really need to know if this release is as good as we think it is.



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