[Mediawiki-l] SMWCon Fall 2011 in Berlin: call for presentations

Yaron Koren yaron at wikiworks.com
Wed Jul 27 13:18:45 UTC 2011


Wikimania is just next week, but two months from now will be another
conference that may be of interest to MediaWiki users and developers:
SMWCon, or the Semantic MediaWiki Conference, which will be happening in
Berlin on September 21-23:


Semantic MediaWiki, if you don't know about it, is a MediaWiki extension
that has somewhat taken on a life of its own in the six years since it was
first created:


Though of course the main focus will be Semantic MediaWiki, we plan to have
talks on other related topics, like DBpedia, ontologies, and the creation of
a semantic data repository (not necessarily SMW-based) for Wikipedia itself.
And there's definitely room in the schedule for talking about issues related
to core MediaWiki.

This is a call for presentations, so if you want to attend, please consider
giving a talk. To propose a talk, just add a line to the wiki page here:


And while we're at it, if you plan to attend SMWCon, please add your name to
the attendees list, here:



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