[Mediawiki-l] Why Facebook and others can't see a wiki's most important image

jidanni at jidanni.org jidanni at jidanni.org
Tue Jul 26 16:40:10 UTC 2011

Examining http://www.google.com/, they achieve their perfect Facebook
link and logo through 100% old fashioned HTML goodness without a drop of
OG. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/O.G._Original_Gangster ☻

And OK, if OG is the way to go, then perhaps MediaWiki should stuff some
in for the user, just like it does already on every page with
  <link rel="search" ... href="/opensearch_desc.php"
which contains

I mean there are probably a few $wg variables from LocalSetting.php that
could be referenced when creating the OG <meta> stuff, without needing
to ask the user questions about his wiki when he first sets it up, nor
needing him to install an extension.

Like $wgLogo for starters.

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