[Mediawiki-l] not a single <noscript> on Wikipedia

Ashar Voultoiz hashar+wmf at free.fr
Mon Jul 18 15:19:14 UTC 2011

On 18/07/11 03:50, jidanni at jidanni.org wrote:
> What if the IRS's tax refund box degraded nicely so that nothing showed?
> What's so nice about that? Or fair?

Fill it manually and send it to:
   Department of the Treasury
   Internal Revenue Service
   Austin, TX  73301-0215

> Not the slightest hint afforded to the user that they are missing out on
> something.
> Nobody values<noscript>  here on this mailing list. They probably never
> even heard of it on the Wikipedia mailing list.

Most probably because most people on this mailing list use a modern 
browser or at least a graphical one. This does not mean that your point 
is invalid, just that probably nobody cares but you :-(

If you really care about <noscript> for the flagged rev:
   -> please be bold and send us patches

If you do not know how to code:
   -> find someone to do it for you

In any case please stop bothering us on this list.

Ashar Voultoiz

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