[Mediawiki-l] Page upload tool for Linux?

ct at braehler.com ct at braehler.com
Mon Jan 24 08:19:04 UTC 2011


I'm new to this list (and have not yet found a way to search the 
archives), so maybe this topic has been discussed to death before. If so, 
I'd appreciate a hint (when, subject, etc. so I can download the proper 
month from the archives) and ask to accept my apologies..

I'm working on a project where there are a lot of (generated) pages on one 
side and a mediawiki 1.5.1 on the other side. The administrator of the 
wiki is a bit overly careful, so I cannot use the import functionality 
(which works without a problem on my test-wiki at home). Nonetheless, I've 
about 2500 wiki pages to upload... "Open page - copy from editor - paste 
into firefox - save - open next page - etc.pp."  was hard enough for the 
test pages until everything worked like a charm, but by now all the 
converting and generating is just a "make all" and a few minutes of 
runtime - and uploading would be weeks...

Is there a (linux command line) tool out there which accepts a filename 
with wiki content, a wiki address and page name, a username and password 
(or cookie file path) and uploads the file's contents to the wiki?
Alternatively, is it possible to achieve this somehow with wget? 
Programming & shell skills are available.

I found a bunch of media uploaders, but this is just about uploading 
normal pages, not about uploading media - there are some pictures in the 
project, but they can be handled manually, as they are few.

Christian Treczoks

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