[Mediawiki-l] Announcing OpenStackManager extension

Ryan Lane rlane32 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 21 23:55:35 UTC 2011

For the past month or so I've been working on an extension to manage
OpenStack (Nova), for use on the Wikimedia Foundation's upcoming
virtualization cluster:


I've gotten to a point where I believe the extension is ready for an
initial release.

In brief, OpenStack works a lot like EC2, and in fact implements the
EC2 API. This extension interacts with the EC2 API and LDAP, to manage
a virtual machine infrastructure. It has the following features:

* Integrates with the LdapAuthentication extension, and creates user
accounts in LDAP upon user creation
** Users created with a posix username, uid, and gid; home directory;
openstack credentials; and wiki credentials
* Manages most features of OpenStack
** Handles project creation/deletion, and membership
** Handles project and global role membership
** Handles instance creation/deletion
** Handles security group creation/deletion and rule addition/removal
** Handles floating IP address allocation and association with instances
** Handles public SSH key addition/removal from user accounts
* Manages DNS via PowerDNS with an LDAP backend
** Handles private DNS for private IP address ranges upon instance
creation and deletion
** Handles public DNS for floating IP addresses
* Manages Puppet configuration for instances via Puppet with an LDAP
backend for nodes

The extension was written to handle the case explained in my blog
post. It is likely not written in a generic enough way to fit into
most existing infrastructures currently. If you'd like to help make
the extension more useful for a wider audience, please contact me,
send patches, or if you have commit access, make modifications. I have
a test/dev environment for this project configured on tesla, if you'd
like to work in a pre-configured environment.

The extension page is here:



Ryan Lane

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