[Mediawiki-l] Creating Alias name for a page -- Is there a better way?

Tech Geek techgeek12345 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 10 18:09:26 UTC 2011

We have an internal Mediawiki 1.15 running on our corporate LAN. We have
started to create a page for each of our products and we have a
technical name and a non-technical name for each of the products. So for
example, let's say a product's engineering name would be "IPZY-112" and its
corresponding non-technical name would be "Tiger".

Is there a way we to create an alias title (Tiger) for the page with title

We thought about IPZY-112 (Tiger) but it wouldn't work since half of the
company refers as Tiger and other half as IPZY-112.

Is there any better way?


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