[Mediawiki-l] REMESSAGE

Edgar Poe poee56 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 4 20:50:28 UTC 2011

              Dear Jimmy!

               I recived your message and I don't know if you know or not But in 
the past most precises in year 2007 wen I entry in this industry Internet I 
prediction that concern Google will breack down in few years.I sent this message 
with this breack down staff who rules the concern in period wen I advertising 
with this prediction but evryoane not take in serios my advertising.Ig you you 
are in good relation with the staff who rulesthis concern you can check and ask 
if sambady with username openmindsandeyes who say in this period; "In  life you 
must to keep your promise" I not any connection with this breack down but I am 
delight because my prediction was corect.WAY?  because I say always that this 
concern Google must to have samthing to stay in echilibre with them.In this 
period the concern have audienence in proportion of 70%,Yahoo 20% and the 
rest....  I do a sugestion who not have agreedment from concern Microsoft to 
unify with concern Yahoo.I do the first man on the planet who propuse this deal 
but from reasons who know all this fusion not hapend.I want to inform that in 
few years will apear the big concern who exist ever from this planet who rule 
all INTERNET.FRom this concern still now in stay buy to waite the right time 
it's all I can writte.

           Fodator Freedomilenium Organization&Linkedin Concern


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