[Mediawiki-l] Senior wants "send to a friend" button

jidanni at jidanni.org jidanni at jidanni.org
Thu Apr 28 20:43:37 UTC 2011

Gentlemen, my mom, age 50 (hexadecimal) years old, thinks wikis ought to
have "send this article to a friend" buttons like normal websites do.
Indeed, the flagship Wikipedia site lacks such basic equipment last time
I looked.

I would have told her "just send them the URL yourself, for that
personal touch", but since she's 120 (octal) years old, maybe it's time
to take a tip from our elders and add such a feature, without me needing
to do as much as even check to see if an extension already can do it.

If not a complete "Share (on FarceBook, etc.)", "Suggest" button, then
at least a simple "mail to a friend".

>>>>> "M" == Annette "Mom" Jacobson writes:

M> Excellent title.  Thanks for fixing the typos, etc. I was thinking --
M> is it possible to put an ikon in this articles page for a "send to a
M> friend" possibility? Most article blogs have one, and I always use
M> them to help get articles I like  around.  The send 'aps' on the
M> article's page are so simple to access and use. What do you think?

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M> From: <jidanni at jidanni.org>
M> To: Mom

>> OK, made
>> http://abj.jidanni.org/index.php?title=Supporting_the_Syrian_uprisings

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