[Mediawiki-l] Need Support for Greenpeace Germany Mediawiki Installation!

monkey monkey2q at googlemail.com
Wed Apr 27 15:25:55 UTC 2011

Hi everyone,

this might look weird, however I thought I just ask: (maybe it's not the
right place to ask)

Since April 2008 the Volunteer Climbing Team of Greenpeace Germany runs a
Mediawiki for skillsharing and training purposes, at
Obviously the wiki is closed - and it doesn't run on official Greenpeace
servers, but on my own - since I started the wiki 3 years ago.

Until now it has proven very valuable and we use a lot, for all sorts of
stuff - currently we try to "internationalize" it, like having multilanguage
support - and I try hard to fix the extension "ConfirmAccount" ....

Well, I run and administer it, even though I'm not an expert, I just learned
in the process. Now it just gets too much, so I wonder if there is anyone
around here, who is willing to help us a little? Preferably on a voluntary
basis - sorry, we don't have a lot of budget to spend on this.
I guess for an expert or a more experienced person this would be a lot
easier and faster, than for me - and I wouldn't risk loosing the entire wiki

Prefered would be someone from Germany, Hamburg or Berlin, so we could set
up a meeting ...

Looking forward to your replies ...
if you have any advice for us, or if you want to direct our question
somewhere else, we're very grateful for any help

Florian Schulz

P.S. this is my list-email-address, you also reply to
florian.schulz at greenpeace.org, THANKS

Greenpeace Germany, Volunteers & Action Departement
Florian Asis Schulz
m: florian.schulz at greenpeace.org

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