[Mediawiki-l] Weird page capitalization issues on my wiki

Dan Bolser daniel.bolser at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 14:10:11 UTC 2011

On 25 April 2011 14:45, Svip <svippy at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 25 April 2011 15:24, Sullivan, James (NIH/CIT) [C]
> <sullivan at mail.nih.gov> wrote:
>> I agree.  If you disabled all extensions (make sure you also changed back any Mediawiki files
>> you may have modified due to a requirement of an extension), then its not a Mediawiki problem
>> and most likely an Apache configuration issue.  You also might want to install a fresh Mediawiki
>> instance so you can see if you get this behavior "out of the box" with Mediawiki.  If you do then
>> that also points to Apache.  I'm not an Apache expert though, so have no idea what type of
>> Apache configuration might cause this.
> What?  How is this in any way an Apache issue?  Apache tells MediaWiki
> the correct title, and MediaWiki somehow decides to respond with the
> title being a-okay.
> If it was an Apache issue, then why does MediaWiki think that the page
> title is BIOWIKI here[1]?  It even takes the effort of linking to a
> talk page that does not exist and colours the link red as it should.
> Or does MediaWiki use LOWER() in its SQL, but use the $_GET['title']
> for its links, rather than using the {{PAGENAME}} given by the table?
> Also, you appear to have your version installed via subversion,[2] I
> am certain r86390 is that different from the MediaWiki 1.16.4
> available on mw.org (which does not have this bug).

svn info gives me:

URL: http://svn.wikimedia.org/svnroot/mediawiki/branches/REL1_16/phase3

svn update gives me:

At revision 86859.

(I've had this problem on this wiki since before 1.15).

I just ran 'php maintenance/update.php' [1], but there seems to be no

OK, if not Apache, how about MySQL?

Thanks for looking at this problem,

[1] https://gist.github.com/6213b33aeb5264ed0dab

> [1] http://www.bioinformatics.org/wiki/BIOWIKI
> [2] http://www.bioinformatics.org/wiki/Special:Version
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