[Mediawiki-l] Weird page capitalization issues on my wiki

Kilian drehbuehne at texttheater.net
Wed Apr 20 14:22:23 UTC 2011

On 04/20/2011 04:12 PM, Sullivan, James (NIH/CIT) [C] wrote:
> The "All pages" special page shows just one of the pages: BioWiki,
> which was indicated as the true page name in the original post.
> Just a guess but there are a lot of extensions installed.  I agree
> with the earlier person who suggested deactivating the extensions one
> at a time and seeing if the behavior disappears.  And since Semantic
> extensions are installed and this problem seems to be a matter of
> semantics, I would start with those extensions.

I agree. MediaWiki's normal behavior would be to respond with empty 
pages on requests with incorrect capitalizations of the title. (Except, 
of course, when only the first letter is incorrectly cased.) (Earlier I 
was under the wrong impression MediaWiki had some sort of built-in 
auto-redirect in such cases, which explains my earlier confused posts.) 
It must be an extension that changes this behavior. (And does so kind of 
poorly, because the capitalization is not corrected in the displayed 
title, and does not cause links with incorrect capitalizations, such as 
[[Talk:Biowiki]], to be displayed in blue.)

- Kilian

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