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Rowe, Dolores A dolores.a.rowe at boeing.com
Mon Apr 18 12:48:12 UTC 2011

How could I use the variable below, but only have it send the emails for one particular page ?
Say a page called "Team Meetings" ?  What would I add to LocalSettings.php in that case ?

Thanks SO much,

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On 15/04/11 22:23, Rowe, Dolores A wrote:

> Teammates,


> Is there an extension or a method to email to a distribution list when

> an important mediawiki page is changed ?  Rather than each individual having a watch to it ?

Yes, set up a user account with their email address set to the distribution list, say "Notify" then use

$wgUsersNotifiedOnAllChanges = array( 'Notify' );

Platonides wrote:

> You could have a dummy user with the distribution list as address, but

> then you would need to login as that user to view the page for each

> notification.

I don't see why you would have to log in as the user, as long as you use $wgUsersNotifiedOnAllChanges and not watchlists.

-- Tim Starling

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