[Mediawiki-l] Customizing the sidebar...I must be missing something...?

andrew fabbro andrew at fabbro.org
Sat Apr 16 07:30:18 UTC 2011

I'm terrified of the faqhammer, but nonetheless, I boldly will ask my

I cannot get the Sidebar to update.  I did the following:

- edited (created) MediaWiki:Sidebar and added a single wiki link.  Sidebar
still shows default.
- touched LocalSettings.php
- truncated the objectcache table in MySQL
- tried loading with ?action=purge
- set '$wgUseDatabaseMessages = true;' in LocalSettings.php
- restarted the web server & php-fpm in case something was cached

...?  Other page edits work fine and the wiki is working great.  But the
sidebar stubbornly refuses to change.

Just to be clear, by sidebar I mean the section with navigation ("Main
page", "Community portal", etc.)

MediaWiki 1.16.2.  The only plugin I have is SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi, but
disabling that made no difference.

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