[Mediawiki-l] MediaWiki Sites won"t load...???

Karin Remeikis kr at spacebenefit.com
Thu Apr 14 19:14:06 UTC 2011


have aquestion and hope that someone out there can help me.
Am using MediaWiki for http://spaceweek.de
Tried to keep the site open for everyone interested, however, to much 
spam, so I gave only the admin (myself) all the permissions to edit.
Nonetheless, since couple weeks, after I log in, the site is not loading 
and I can't edit anything anymore...what can that be?....do you have any 
clue, how to solve this problem?
Contacted my webspace provider, but they vist the site and everything 
seems to be fine....just when I like to edit and add anything the sites 
don"t load and remain blank...no info ..nothing..

Any hint how to solve this will be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Ad planetae,

  |Karin R.Remeikis | "Es ist zwar nicht Deine Schuld, |
  |kr at spaceweek.de  |  dass die Welt ist, wie sie ist. |
  |www.spaceweek.de |  Aber es ist schon Deine Schuld, |
  |+49-15787920083  |  wenn sie *bleibt*, wie sie ist."|

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