[Mediawiki-l] spam, spam, spam, and spam

Siebrand Mazeland s.mazeland at xs4all.nl
Wed Apr 13 18:11:52 UTC 2011

Hi Anne,

On 13-04-11 19:42 Anne Wilson <annew at kde.org> wrote:

>What I'd really like to see is the ability to say that you can't make any
>edits until you have been registered for a period of time, unless you are
>member of a higher group.  I doubt if the spammers would bother creating
>account and coming back to post their spam three months later.  I haven't
>anyone suggest that it actually is possible, though.

This is already possible. Users can become "autoconfirmed" based on
several criteria. Once of those is the age of an account. If the edit
right is set only for autoconfirmed users and up, then registered users
will not be able to edit until they are autoconfirmed. See:




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