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Nat Colley nat.colley at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 10 19:39:44 UTC 2011

I now have a new error, which is as follows:
Checking environment...Please include all of the lines below when reporting installation problems.§	PHP 5.3.6 installedCould not find a suitable database driver!§	For MySQL, compile PHP using --with-mysql, or install the mysql.so modulenow, even though it's happening in a different place, as I understand it from my extensive study of this tortured relationship between PHP and MySQL, this is really still the same error I've been having for almost a month now: that PHP and MySQL can't talk to each other.
In the earlier incarnations of this problem, I was at least getting further along with the mediawiki install. In those days, I always crashed and burned at the inability of PHP to work with MySQL's password regimen. The reasons for this depend entirely on whom you choose to believe: the people who work at PHP, or the people who work at MySQL. But supposedly, fortunately, all this was fixed as of PHP 5.3, because from that point forward they were using MySQLnd, which is to say, native driver.
Apparently people who were putting out their own stacks of PHP, such as the person I got my wamp stack I've already mentioned, have their own reasons for not including MySQL native driver, which is why I was never getting anywhere even though I thought I had PHP 5.3, in fact had a modified version which was missing the thing I needed most.
All right. So now I've got all the latest software direct from the source, and everything should flow smoothly this time. Both Apache "it works" and the PHPinfo screens show themselves. I've checked to see that indeed this version of PHP does have mySQL native driver. All lights are green and then I try to install MediaWiki and I get this error that I mentioned at the beginning. So I wasn't even getting as far as I had without MySQL native driver.
There's an interesting thing about this error message because it says it could not find a suitable database driver and then as for MySQL specifically indicates that I should compile PHP, which of course I have no idea how to even begin to do, or install MySQL.SO. Now when you say install something, that makes it sound like it's a package or application that you can get somewhere and just stick into your computer, but no, that apparently is not the case. Various web forums I looked at have said the file I need is MySQL.dll and that somehow that magically "installs" MySQL.SO. I don't pretend to be making sense of any of this I'm simply reporting what I've tried to do so you can find a way to help me if that's possible.
But here's the thing: I thought mySQL native driver eliminated the need for MySQLI. That being so, why is MediaWiki looking for this old driver instead of the new one, mysqlnd? 
In his last helpful posting on this topic Platonides suggested that I needed to do something with Apache. But you will recall that I said I'd followed the instructions of some Australian webmaster, and among his instructions was doing exactly what Platonides had suggested, so obviously that by itself isn't the problem. One thing that was different from the PHP website was another line about add handler, so I cut and paste that in but, yes, you guessed it, it made no difference.
So the other suggestions I've tried were telling PHP where the extensions directory was, uncommenting MySQLI specifically, but it was already uncommented, and other devices that sort.
I guess that brings you up to date. I have no more magic. If you have any, fire away.
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Nat Colley wrote:
> I almost have it. I installed mysql, php and apache. Both apache and mysql seem to be working correctly, but not php. I don't know where I got that wrong.  It is the same as before: seeing the code instead of the install page. Ideas welcome while I tinker...

You need to configure apache so that it loads php and interprets php
files as php.
See http://www.php.net/manual/en/install.windows.apache2.php

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