[Mediawiki-l] Install on Windows Problem

Nat Colley nat.colley at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 1 16:58:30 UTC 2011

Platonides,Sorry, I am just now seeing your response. I don't think it is a write access problem anymore.
Since this is a wampserver stack I am using, I cross posted this at the wampserver forum:
When setting up mediawiki, got this message: 

"PHP is linked with old MySQL client libraries. If you are using a MySQL 4.1 server and have problems connecting to the database, see [dev.mysql.com] for help. 
Attempting to connect to database server as wikidb_user...failed due to authentication errors. Check passwords." 

If you follow the link you learn all about old and new passwords in MySQL since 4.1. But when I look at what is in wampserver, they are all 5+ so i shouldn't be having this problem at all. 
Someone suggested searching for my.ini outside of the wamp folder, but that came up empty. So I don't think there is some stray old mysql out there causing me problems. I created the wiki db and user myself in phpmyadmin, and the installation script was able to connect, but then I got this same old libraries error message again. And no, mw is definitely not installed.
Thanks for your time and insights.

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Nat Colley wrote:
> I am trying to install MediaWiki on a windows machine (wamp) as a testing server. As near as I can tell, all has gone right
> with the download and installation of the wamp – php info comes up, for
> example. But navigating to index.php gets me this:
> "* If you are reading this in your web
> browser, your server is probably not configured correctly to run PHP
> applications! " 

That points to php not working on your server. You need to fix it first.

> Then the install.php comments say: 
> "To run the install script, you'll need to temporarily make
> the 'config' subdirectory writable by the web server. The simplest way to do
> this on a Unix/Linux system is to make it world-writable: 
> chmod a+w config 
> Hop into your browser and surf into the wiki
> directory." 

Are you also seeing
> Setup has completed, your wiki is configured
> Please delete the /config directory for extra security.
> Can't write config file, aborting
> To run the install script...
> Checking environment...
> Please include all of the lines below when reporting installation
> PHP " . htmlspecialchars( phpversion() ) . " installed
etc. ?

(a mixture of all possible messages given by the installer)

Then it is a consequence of not having php enabled. Goto step 1.

> Well, obviously I am not on unix or linux. Right
> clicking on the config folder and going to properties tells me that this file
> is read only, but if I uncheck the box it goes right back to being read only
> anyway. I seem to remember that in Windows you have to go up to the highest
> folder because all these properties are normally inherited downward. I did that
> all the way up to my drive itself, and it still doesn't stop them from being
> read only. 
> Your assistance, patience, and wisdom are greatly
> appreciated.  Thank you.

If your issue is really with permissions writing the config folder, I
would wait for 1.17rc1 (planned for this Friday) and install it.
It uses a new installer that gives you LocalSettings.php for download
instead of writing it itself.

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