[Mediawiki-l] Blog extension?

Juliano F. Ravasi ml at juliano.info
Fri Oct 15 10:35:58 UTC 2010

I'm the developer of the Wikilog extension, that seems to be what you 
are looking for:



On 01/-10/-28163 04:59 PM, Eyoder wrote:
> We use a locally-hosted instance of mediawiki to support a customer
> service team. The manager would like to add a daily blog to the
> site.
> Ideally, the blog articles would be a short list, maybe from the last
> ten days, and could be located inside a box on the main page.
> Can anyone recommend an extension to do this? Or, would a portal page
> be better for this purpose?
> Thanks for any advice you may have!
> Evelyn Yoder http://www.appswhisperer.com

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