[Mediawiki-l] error from update.php

Dave Howorth dhoworth at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Tue Oct 12 10:40:21 UTC 2010

I've previously posted this question on the forum but haven't managed to
solve it yet, so I'm trying again here.

I'm trying to move a wiki from an old Suse machine to a new Ubuntu one.
The old machine is running:

suse 9.3
mediawiki 1.4rc1-4.17i586
mysql     4.1.10a-3.8i586
php4      4.3.10-14.35i586
apache2   2.0.53-9.15i586

The new one is running:

ubuntu 10.4 lucid
mediawiki 1:1.15.1-1ubuntu2.1
mysql     5.1.41-3ubuntu12.6
php5      5.3.2-1ubuntu4.5
apache2   2.2.14-5ubuntu8.2

I installed the mediawiki package and it ran OK.
I've copied the images and AdminSettings.php across and tweaked the
LocalSettings.php. I've migrated the database and can happily browse it
using mysql tools.

I'm trying to run 'php update.php' but get an error. The output from it
is as follows:

# php update.php
MediaWiki 1.15.1 Updater

Going to run database updates for wikidb
Depending on the size of your database this may take a while!
Abort with control-c in the next five seconds...0
...have ipb_id field in ipblocks table.
...have ipb_expiry field in ipblocks table.
...already have interwiki table
...indexes seem up to 20031107 standards
...hitcounter table already exists.
...have rc_type field in recentchanges table.
...have user_real_name field in user table.
...querycache table already exists.
...objectcache table already exists.
...categorylinks table already exists.
Converting links table to ID-ID...
Schema already converted
...il_from OK
...have rc_ip field in recentchanges table.
...image primary key already set.
...have rc_id field in recentchanges table.
...have rc_patrolled field in recentchanges table.
...logging table already exists.
...have user_token field in user table.
The watchlist table is already set up for email notification.
...watchlist talk page rows already present
...user table does not contain old email authentication field.
...converting from cur/old to page/revision/text DB structure.
2010-10-06 13:22:16......checking for duplicate entries.
2010-10-06 13:22:16......Creating tables.
MediaWiki internal error.

Exception caught inside exception handler

After getting some advice on the forum I managed to get an error log
like this:

Start command line script update.php
Main cache: FakeMemCachedClient
Message cache: MediaWikiBagOStuff
Parser cache: MediaWikiBagOStuff
Fully initialised
Unstubbing $wgContLang on call of $wgContLang::ucfirst from
Database::query: Writes done: DESCRIBE `ipblocks`
SQL ERROR (ignored): Table 'wikidb.pagelinks' doesn't exist (localhost)
Connecting to localhost wikidb...
SQL ERROR (ignored): Table 'wikidb.page' doesn't exist (localhost)
SQL ERROR: Can't create table 'wikidb.page' (errno: 121) (localhost)
Unstubbing $wgMessageCache on call of $wgMessageCache::get from wfMsgGetKey
Unstubbing $wgLang on call of $wgLang::getCode from wfGetLangObj
Unstubbing $wgUser on call of $wgUser::getOption from
Language::loadLocalisation(): got localisation for en from source
Connecting to localhost wikidb...
Database::query: Writes done: DELETE FROM `objectcache` WHERE
SQL ERROR: Table 'wikidb.page' doesn't exist (localhost)

I'd appreciate any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong, how to fix
the problem or even how to get more diagnostic information.

Thanks, Dave

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