[Mediawiki-l] Unable to run the update-script

Der Administrator @ Wijuki admin at wijuki.org
Thu Oct 7 11:03:35 UTC 2010

  Hi there,

I'd like to extend an existing wiki (MW1.16) with LiquidThreads. In 
order to modify the db I have to run the maintenance/update.php. But I 
just can't get that script running, using phpshell since I don't have 
shell access (shared hosting): always giving me 504 time out error. 
"unset REQUEST_METHOD", as described in the manual, doesn't help either.

The same problem of course occurs when I try to upgrade the whole wiki. 
That problem is solved by simply rerunning the installer. But this 
solution doesn't work in case of extensions that extend the database.

So, dear community: Is there any solution for this? Help appreciated.


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