[Mediawiki-l] modify page title when displaying an article

Laurent Savaete laurent.savaete at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 4 17:39:01 UTC 2010


I am trying to change the way the title of pages in a specific
namespace are displayed.
All pages in this namespace (Lesson:) contain a <wikibabel> tag, which
I've registered with the parser using  $wgParser->setHook(
'wikibabel', 'efWikiBabelRender' );
I'm also using the ParserAfterTidy hook to prevent mediawiki amending
my extension's html output, as was explained in the mediawiki manual.

It all works fine, but I would like to modify the way the page title
(both <title> and <h1>) is shown, just to make it look a bit more
sexy. I've tried using $wgOut->setPageTitle(), but somehow it gets
overwritten by subsequent calls from somewhere else in the page
displaying process.

If I call setPageTitle from the BeforePageDisplay hook, I get the <h1>
to display what I want, but <title> does not seem to hear me.
setHTMLTitle does nothing either.

Any ideas how I could do that? Just to be extra clear, I'm not trying
to change the actual page title, only how it's displayed. (ideally, if
there's some method to do it throughout the wiki, it would be great).
The reason why I'm doing all this is to try and make the title easily
parsable. If that's stupid, and you can think of a better way to do
it, I'm open to suggestions :)
An example page would be:


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