[Mediawiki-l] FCK Editor svn head and MW 1.16b2 - correct venue?

Robert Cummings robert at interjinn.com
Wed May 19 15:46:06 UTC 2010

Since a plethora of intelligent people with no desire to learn WikiCode 
can now add content, the quality of posts has been in line with the 
adoption of wiki use by these people. Thus one would say it has gone up.

In the beginning there were some hard core users that learned WikiCode, 
for the most part they have indicated that when the WYSIWYG fails, they 
are able to switch to WikiCode mode to address the problem. This usually 
occurs with complex table nesting which is something that few of the 
users do anyways. Most document layouts are kept simple. Additionally, 
we have a multilingual english/french wiki. As a result the browser 
spell-check is insufficient for the most part (not to mention it has 
issues with WikiCode). To address this a second spellcheck button was 
added to the interface so that both english and french spellcheck could 
be available within the same interface (via aspell backend).


Steve VanSlyck wrote:
> What if anything happend with the quality of the posts?
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> From: Robert Cummings <robert at interjinn.com>
>> I have to disagree with you given my experience. In one government 
>> department where MediaWiki was installed we saw the active user base 
>> spike from about 1000 users to about 8000 users within a month of having 
>> enabled FCKeditor. FCKeditor definitely has it's warts, but it very 
>> closely matches the experience non-technical people have gotten used to 
>> while using Word or WordPerfect. Leveraging skills people already have 
>> cuts down on training costs and allows them to be productive almost 
>> immediately.
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