[Mediawiki-l] linking local content

Michael Lindner - dii Michael.Lindner at dii-healthcare.com
Tue Jun 29 12:48:31 UTC 2010

Hi List,

this is my first posting into this mailinglist, so please excuse me if I am doing sth wrong. I am maintaining an company-wide, internaly used mediawiki installation (Version 1.12). Now, the users of this list have asked me how to link into localy saved documents, stored on a server-system. I know, this is not the normal way of doing things, but my colleagues asked me to do so as they don't want to turn the documents into html or anything, just linking them so they open (Rules for Firefox / Internet Explorer apply). Additionaly I can't force them into typing wiki-code itself, so we're using the TinyMCE Plugin to edit content.

Problem: all the links to be made will contain "space" characters, so a path will look like this: file:\\srv1\Resources & Databases\WIKI development\used\*.odt. There is no way to replace the backspace characters on the server itself...

I tried the extensions I found on this topic, (for example http://www.easy-coding.de/mediawiki-filelinkextension-t1475.html), but they did not work.

Are there any other extensions recommended, any hints? Otherwise I am stuck in this mediawiki project unfortunatly.

Kind Regards,

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