[Mediawiki-l] Problems with Special Signs in Filenames

Robert Cummings robert at interjinn.com
Wed Jun 23 12:39:30 UTC 2010

Jean Fiedler wrote:
> Sorry my first question was in German :)
> So here my Problem again.
> I have Problems with files wich contains special signs like ä ö etc.
> We switched our server and also we updated our wiki software. The Database is still on the same MySQL Server. We didn`t changed anything there. Just updating via the wiki upgrade script.
> First we have problems with presenting the data. All special signs was broken. After we changed some settings everything is fine. But still some strange problems occur.
> In the List of uploaded files all files are there. But if i click on some of them  the wiki is telling me it is not there but i can upload it. But if I click on the directlink on the list of uploaded files i can download it.
> This is so strange. I don`t know how to solve. It would be very nice to know why he thinks the file is not there.
> Any Idea?

Are you using Windows as the host OS? I know Windows causes this problem 
  due to issues between the PHP engine, UTF-8 and Windows filenames. We 
use a JavaScript hook on the upload form to munge the filename so it 
contains plain characters only. Unfortunately I can't share it.

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