[Mediawiki-l] Unable to access certain files via extensions

Jon Bartlett Jon.G.Bartlett at gsk.com
Thu Jun 10 16:29:58 UTC 2010


In my continuing battle to get MW 1.15 to run under IIS 6 and Win 2003 (after migrating from a Win Xp IIS 5) Im at the point where I've abandoned PHP 5.3.x  I simply cannot get the extensions (mainly scientific) to work reliably - support for many of them simply hasn't updated the code for these extensions.

However, I'm now up and running with PHP 5.2.13 - and most of the Extensions aren't giving 'deprecated function' errors anymore.  Everything is fine... except...
For some reason, two extensions are unable to find files in the Image directory - even though the files exist.
I've also found that if I simply point the web browser at those files, the server again states they don't exist - your they do from the File explorer on the machine.  This is even stranger, as normal image files (.png, gif, jpg etc) display just fine within the wiki and directly to the file in the image directory.

Has anyone got any insight/ideas as to why some files are 'seen' by the webserver and others not ?


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