[Mediawiki-l] Error sending mail: mailer error

Kevin kevin.kueper at meypack.de
Tue Jun 8 13:11:46 UTC 2010

Alex Shapovalov <shapov1 <at> gmail.com> writes:

> Hi,
> I am running into an issue with email authentication. When a new user
> account is created, I get the following message :
> Error sending mail: mailer error
> at this point no confirmation email is sent. Any ideas what could be
> causing this?
> I am running:
> MediaWiki  	1.15.1
> PHP 	5.2.11 (apache2handler)
> MySQL 	5.1.42
> Thank you.
> Alex Shapovalov

you will have to set up a mail-server or mail-transfer-agent on your local
system. Or you use another mail-server via smtp. Then you will have to add some
lines to your localsettings.php.
For Example:

$wgSMTP = array(
 'host'     => "HOSTNAME OR IP-ADDRESS", //could also be an IP address
 'IDHost'   => "YOUR MAIL DOMAIN",
 'port'     => 25,
 'auth'     => false,
 'username' => "USERNAME FOR SMTP",
 'password' => "*********"
Note: On some mail-servers you have to configure the addresses or hosts from
wich it will accept smtp-connections.

Good Luck

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