[Mediawiki-l] [UI] Revision history for files

Tim Landscheidt tim at tim-landscheidt.de
Mon Jun 7 14:07:02 UTC 2010


"clutter" with both Vector and Monobook :-): If you look at
there are "(undo)" links for all revisions including those
"uploaded a new version of ...". If you click
on one of those (with the intention to revert the image to
the previous version), you get an edit form with a prefilled
summary line ("Undo revision ..."). Press "Save page" and
nothing is changed at all. Edit the summary line and press
"Save page" and still nothing is changed at all.

  So what is the use case for these "(undo)" links? ATM they
are very distracting, as the actual reverting of uploads
happens on the "front page"


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