[Mediawiki-l] Moral standards

Bernard@bernardHulsman.nl bernard at bernardhulsman.nl
Fri Jun 4 08:03:38 UTC 2010

Mike Hutchinson wrote:
> Can we buck up our Moral standards and make this the last post mentioning
> Moral standards ? ;)
> Cheers,
> Michael Hutchinson
> mhutchinson at Manux.co.nz

I feel there is some unease. The routine of the newsgroup has been broken.

To answer your question, yes we can, this is my last post to this thread.

Summarize :
Computer_Ethics would be a better word then Moral Standards, which is 
defined in

It is a wiki so anyone who does not agree with this knows what to do. I 
we would make exceptions for this newsgroup that is possible. Please 
create a specific Computer_Ethics wiki page somewere and let us know. 
But until that moment I assume that the standard Computer_Ethics applies.

I did not want to enforce any moral standard. In the contrary, I just 
wanted to reveal
the existing rules which were hidden, at least for me.

There were persons would thought this is a topic and some who don't. No 
one forced you to respond. Those would did think it was a topic got not 
always a polite reply. So a second reply by them was very limited. This 
blocks an open discussion.
I would have appreciated a bit more courtesy to people who have a 
different opinion.

The discussion about allowing the discussion (using which rules?) took 
all the attention. At the end it seems to be quite simple. The problem 
is solved.

If needed I will refer to these Computer_Ethics in future threads.

I thank all who contributed, to those who did want to start an open 
discussion and also to those would did not.

WIth regards


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