[Mediawiki-l] External editing broken in MW 1.15.4 ?

Daniel K. Schneider daniel.schneider at unige.ch
Thu Jun 3 12:27:25 UTC 2010

On 06/03/2010 12:23 AM, Platonides wrote:
> Daniel K. Schneider wrote:
>> Hi,
>> until I made an upgrade from 1.15.1 (applied the 15.2,3 and 4 patches) I
>> was happily editing my wiki pages with gnu emacs via ee.pl
>> and a bookmarklet that goes:
>>    javascript:location=location+'?action=edit&externaledit=true';
>> (http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:External_editors)
>> Now, external editing is broken I and I suspect that this is related to
>>    (bug 23076)
>>    Fixed login CSRF vulnerability. Logins now require a token to be
>>    submitted along with the user name and password. Patch by Roan Kattouw.
>> Any ideas on what I could/should do to get TRUE external editing back ?
>> I don't mind installing stuff. I am not much of a programmer/sysadmin,
>> but I can read :)
> You are right.
> Where it is doing: $response=$browser->post($login_url, at ns_headers,
> Content=>[wpName=>$username,wpPassword=>$password,wpRemember=>"1",wpLoginAttempt=>"Log
> in"]);
> it should be fetching a login token, and then using it to send the password.
> I also see many outdated methods, like the fake user agent or extracting
> items from the page source instead of using the api (which didn't exist
> when it was created).
> Is anyone proficient in Perl here?
> I filed bugs 23764 and 23765 to keep track of it.

Thanx :)

Let's hope that someone who knows Perl is motivated (I am not a 
developer and don't speak Perl). I also noticed that the original 
author, Erik Moeller, is now a deputy director of Wikipedia and he might 
care about his original baby or maybe know someone who does :)

Anyhow, more fundamentally speaking, it would be really good to have 
this feature again. So here is some motivational speak:
I understand that most wikipedia authors rather do smaller edits and for 
this purpose a through-the-web editor is fine. Other mediawiki sites 
(include wikimedia places like wikibooks or wikiversity) do have users 
that intensively work on several long pages at the same time and who are 
able to get a maximum out of a programming editor like emacs or Jedit, 
Eclipse or whatever .... I sometimes spend days in row writing and 
organizing and this feature really helped. Installing ee.pl wasn't 
difficult at all under Ubuntu :)

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