[Mediawiki-l] {{cquote}}

Steve VanSlyck s.vanslyck at spamcop.net
Tue Jun 1 23:08:58 UTC 2010

FOR TIM STARLING - Is this message properly threaded?

On 5/8/2010 10:19, Platonides wrote:
> There's no image. They are big coloured double quotes:
> <td style="color: rgb(178, 183, 242); font-size: 35px; font-family:
> 'Times New Roman',serif; font-weight: bold; text-align: left; padding:
> 10px;" valign="top" width="20">“</td>
> So yes, you can change its color after substing (or even better, add a
> quote color parameter).
> Steve VanSlyck wrote:
>> On Wikipedia, is there a way to change the color of the images used in the
>> {{cquote}} template without uploading a new image. I expect this could
>> reasonably start with SUBST:ing the template to get the code, but what
>> about the image or the image color?

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