[Mediawiki-l] Style pages based on category, possible?

Jean-Marc van Leerdam j.m.van.leerdam at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 21:41:30 UTC 2010

Hi Bernard,

2010/1/27 Bernard at bernardHulsman.nl <bernard at bernardhulsman.nl>:
> Jean-Marc,
> Yes it is. See http://handleiding.wikiation.nl/MediaWiki:Common.css for
> the definition and
> http://handleiding.wikiation.nl/Niveau_2_infobox_gebruiken for the
> implementation of that definition.

I see the cat-foo entries appearing in the html, so obviously you have
it working. Which MediwWiki version is needed for this feature, or is
it done through one of the extensions you have on

> But be aware. A category may have multiple parents in MediaWiki. If you
> use multiple parents AND you use multiple styles, then the result will
> be unpredictable.

Yes, of course having a page in multiple categories that drive styling
can lead to hard to predict outcomes, but for my purposes that will
not be an issue.


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