[Mediawiki-l] Please convince me to make my software open source (2)

Madison Kelly linux at alteeve.com
Thu Jan 21 21:21:29 UTC 2010

Domas Mituzas wrote:
> Hi Bernard,
> I think you should go entirely closed-source, and close yourself up in a bunker without internet. 
> I just thought you may want to hear another opinion.
> Domas


   Having run a business myself for >10 years, I can understand where 
Bernard is coming from. Everything in business involves risks, so all 
you can do is choose the risks that you feel most comfortable with. He 
asked questions, the community addressed those questions and from that 
he chose a course of action.

   The trade of he will face now is limited up-take of his software. 
Also, he will not have third-party growth of his software, either. 
Everything that goes into it will remain an out-of-pocket expense. These 
two side effects of his choice are also big risks, but they are the risk 
he has chosen to shoulder.

   We, as members of the open source community, would do well to wish 
him luck. Every one of us reflects the community, and snarky remarks 
make the community look childish. I would have preferred it become open 
source; Not because I plan to use it but because I want the community to 
benefit from the largest pool of code possible. Being rude to him will 
make the chance of him later changing his mind that much smaller. Why 
would you contribute to a community that has been rude to you?


   So as much as I can say this on behalf of the community at large, I 
wish you the best of luck. Honestly.


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