[Mediawiki-l] Meta-Tags in MediaWIKI - (Text in German and, English)

George Alexandru Dudău george.dudau at mobexpert.ro
Thu Jan 21 05:18:57 UTC 2010

Pe 21.01.2010 03:44, mediawiki-l-request at lists.wikimedia.org a scris:
> Hello list,
> I've set up a Mediawiki on the Internet. It's calledwww.apfel4blind.de.
> But it is not found by google.de. I registered it on google. What can I
> do? How can I add meta tags in the WIKI. How can I add extension:
> metatags - please step by step explanation.
> Thanks Holger from Germany
> translated by google
Try this extension:


with step by step instructions...


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