[Mediawiki-l] Please convince me to make my software open source (2)

Bernard@bernardHulsman.nl bernard at bernardhulsman.nl
Wed Jan 20 18:59:30 UTC 2010

Thank you for all your responce on my previous thread. There were very 
valuable to me. Most of all I do like you all respected my conditions.
There was even a responce to warn me I should not make my propriety 
software Open Source because then I could not earn any money
from my extension. That kind of responce within a Open Source community 
is really altruism.

*Summery of my question* :
My conditions are :
*I decide if I make Wikibox Blue Open source
*I decide when Wikibox Blue will be Open source
*I decide on which conditions Wikibox Blue will be open source.

We have build many extensions to improve the functionality of MediaWiki.
It is for Enterprise use as Knowledge management infrastructure. The 
name of the
extensions and additional functionality is Wikibox Blue. The software is 

It can be hosted as SAAS My question is here : Please convince me I have 
to make my propriety software open source.

*Summery of responce :*
Business model.
In the responce there was a suggestion to make my software Open Source 
and earn money on support. This is a standard business model in Open 
Source community. First I do not want this. Second it is not possible 
for me because I am an software architect not a developer.

Create a barrier. If I want people use my extensions as SAAS and they 
have to pay for that service AND is it is also Open Source, then there 
should be a kind of a barrier. Otherwise nobody will use my SAAS 
solution any more. Or a competitor can create the same kind of
SAAS solution but more cheap because I have the costs, and the 
competitor the profit.

Advertising on Wiki hosting as SAAS. Not mentioned, but I hate 
advertising, especially on a wiki, so for me that is no solution.

I am an entrepreneur, it is my responsibilty to find a good business 
model. But thanks for thinking with me.

If I make my software Open Source I get the credits for that. That is 
very important to me. If enterprises want to use a wiki internally they 
can do so with the Open Source version. But the real knowledge is within 
Wikiation, my company.
Credits are very strong related to the license. Do I really get the 
credits? I know in theory it should be. But how this can be achieved in 
real life?

So its boils down to me :
*Is a Open Source license solid, reliable.
*Do I really get the credits.

If you can convince me for these two items then I am totally convinced.

With regards Bernard

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