[Mediawiki-l] Trouble with case

Javier Bezos jbezos at fundeu.es
Tue Jan 19 09:25:42 UTC 2010

We are using mediaWiki 1.14.1.

Our wiki is about language, so case is significant and "word"
and "Word" could be quite different things. Accordingly,
$wgCapitalLinks has been set to false. However, the behaviour
is somewhat strange. If, for example,  "word" exists, but "Word"
* Searching for "word" shows "word" -- OK
* Searching for "Word" shows "word", which is wrong because
they are different thing. Further, the article title is "Word"
(and if edited, Recent Changes shows "Word", too).
* Following [[word]] shows "word" -- OK
* Oddly, following [[Word]] shows "Word" in edit mode with
the contents of "word"!

How can I set up MediaWiki so that "word" and "Word" are so
different as "Black" and "White".


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