[Mediawiki-l] Editing discussion-sites but not articles

Rudeladmin administrator at wolfsrudel-tamm.de
Wed Jan 13 22:02:46 UTC 2010


We're using MediaWiki in our company as an informationsystem to our

We collect manuals, FAQs and other information from our products in the wiki
and all our customers got a user to read this articles.

All customers are only able to read, employees also can create and edit


Now we want to use the discussion-sites from the articles to get feedbacks
from our customers.

The problem is: i can't enable the edit-permission for customers to protect
our articles, but without this permission customers are not able to edit the

Customers may not get the edit-permission to guarantee the quality of the
information inside.


How can i solve this conflict!?

Are there any extended permissions for discussion-sites?!


Thanks a lot for your help!

Dennis Wolf



Answers in German language are also welcome ;-)

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