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Mon Jan 19 21:31:31 UTC 2009

>Hi Christensen, thank you again for your response. When I changed permissi=
>for LocalSettings.php to 644, it works but all my articles have mysterious=
>disappeared. Maybe I ought to execute update.php, as has been mentioned ma=
>times previously, although I set up using the Mediawiki installer. I have
>asked my webhost to do it. Will have to wait and see after they have done =
>to see if I have screwed up again.
>PM Poon

Hi PM,

Do you have any access to your database other than through your wiki?  Comm=
and line or PHPMyAdmin?  If you do, can you check the database that your Lo=
calSettings file is pointing to and can you see if there is any data in tha=
t database?

You are saying that the MediaWiki UI shows up, just that you don't seem to =
have any articles right?

Good luck,

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