[Mediawiki-l] [Commons-l] [Wikitech-l] License information

Daniel Kinzler daniel at brightbyte.de
Sat Jan 31 09:49:16 UTC 2009

Magnus Manske schrieb:
> The better way (IMHO) is to store all used
> "page:template:parameter:value" tuples in a wiki in a separate
> database table, which could be queried by the MediaWiki API. This has
> been suggested time and again by me and others. It would then be much
> easier for a third-party API to get the relevant data for a page. The
> functionality is part of Semantic Wikimedia, but would actually scale
> as a project on its own ;-)

Indeed. Here'S my take on it: <http://brightbyte.de/page/WikiData_light>.
I have proposed this as a project to the German chapter, maybe it'll actually be
taken on...

> No need for screen scraping.
> Yes there is. Not for the license name (which I get using categories
> in my experimental API), but for things like name of author etc. These
> are only available as either HTML tag IDs (which I use) or raw
> wikitext.

Yes you are right, i was only thinking of the meta-info about licenses
themselves. For authorship info, you'd need screen scarping -- or stored
page:template:parameter:value tuples.

I REALLY want that. It would be extremly useful for a LOT of things. And it's
not hard to do. CC-ing mediawiki-l.

-- daniel

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