[Mediawiki-l] nowiki tag not working for me

Dave Derry dave.derry at equifax.com
Tue Jan 20 13:24:46 UTC 2009

Platonides <Platonides <at> gmail.com> writes:

> Quite strange. Does it happen even if it's the only text on the page?
> Does <nowiki> work on another contexts?

Yes, I created a new page with just the nowiki tags (open & close), and they 
were displayed as such.
> You can probably still get the desired result using
> <nowiki>http://</nowiki>test.efx.com:8080/sample

No, when I tried that I got the same result.

For some odd reason, the nowiki tag is not being interpreted, it is just 
displayed as ordinary text.

I thought that perhaps this line in LocalSettings.php $wgParserConf
['preprocessorClass'] = 'Preprocessor_Hash'; might have something to do with it 
since I don't really know what it does, but does have something to do with 
parsing. It was added to fix a problem when trying to edit a section of a page. 
Commenting out this line did not help though.

Experimentation reveals that using "htp://...", "http:/...", or "http//..." 
works to prevent a link being formed. Maybe my readers won't notice.


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