[Mediawiki-l] Special:Statistics and wikiFactor.

carl carl at ender.quim.ucm.es
Wed Aug 5 11:12:16 UTC 2009

Dear MediaWiki developers, I am wondering if it is possible to
add the value of the wikiFactor for a MediaWiki site to
the Special:Statistics page?

Unfortunately I have no php programming experience,
so I am unable to suggest a modification myself, although I suspect
that a simple do-wile loop with the correct parameters would suffice.


The wikiFactor is a measure of the interest that a wiki site has received.

For details see the paper: http://arxiv.org/abs/0902.3439

Its calculation is rather simple; one visits (for MediaWiki)
the Special:PopularPages page. The wikiFactor (wF) is the page
that has had more than 1000 x wF views.

For example: here is an extract from a Special:Statistics page,
the wikiFactor is 7:

6 Models (10,455 views)
7 Hard sphere model (10,447 views)
8 Computer simulation techniques (7,728 views)
9 Classical thermodynamics (7,621 views)

i.e. page 7 has had more than 7,000 views, whilst page 8 has yet to reach 

Presently the wikiFactor is being rolled-out on the wikiIndex site,
a compendium of over 4,000 wiki sites.



All the best,

 	Dr. Carl McBride

 	Grupo de Termodinamica Estadistica de Fluidos Moleculares
 	Departamento de Quimica Fisica I
 	Facultad de Ciencias Quimicas
 	Universidad Complutense de Madrid
 	28040 Madrid



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