[Mediawiki-l] SpamBlacklist does not keep spambot away

Michael Daly michael.daly at kayakwiki.org
Mon Sep 29 22:05:28 UTC 2008

Bjorn Kassoe Andersen wrote:

> Tried to install SpamBlacklist. Used the simple setup suggested for
> localsettings.php (without including array). Did not get it to work.

You could try addressing the issue directly to the abuse staff at the 
source ISP:


I put the offending IP address into the ARIN whois web page 
(http://www.arin.net/whois/) and then see which IP it's coming from. 
ARIN will tell you if the IP is allocated in a smaller block and give 
you a link to a further IP search web page.

I see you've been putting all the offending IPs into the blocked IP 
list.  That has limited value since the IPs of spammers change so often.

You could try installing a Captcha extension.  If the spammer is a bot, 
they tend to be stopped by that.


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