[Mediawiki-l] Navigation bar; issue with location.

Benjamin Lees emufarmers at gmail.com
Sat Jun 28 06:39:47 UTC 2008

On Fri, Jun 27, 2008 at 9:27 AM, John W Foster <johnwfoster at verizon.net>

> The location is  http://www.physicswiki.net
> I would be very happy if you can see what the problem is. I did not
> intentionally modify the skin, however I did set it for the CologneBlue
> skin sitewide. All the others are intact and can be set from user
> preferences as far as I know.
> This site is currently under heavy development and all of its content is
> subject to modification from any registered user unless specefically
> protected to the Sysop. I mostly am building the infrastructure right
> now as the actual articles have not been added. They will be ported from
> an older site as soon as we finish the upgrade.
> Thanks!
> -
> John Foster

I don't see any problem: CologneBlue just arranges things differently than
MonoBook does.

Arr, ye emus, http://emufarmers.com

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