[Mediawiki-l] Mediawiki 1.12 new Api Question

Heilmannseder Tobias (LVT) Tobias.Heilmannseder at liebherr.com
Fri Jun 27 12:11:23 UTC 2008

Hello List,

currently I am adopting the PreviewGallery Gadget originally developed by Magnus Manske.
Now I have a problem with the API.
Is it possible to get the Timestamps from Images like in the query.php?

The old version was:

This creates the following Output: (as you can see with "timestamp" in the cl branch)
                <total startup="271" dbtime="1.2" time="294.7"/>
                <pageInfo dbtime="0.7" time="22.4"/>
                <categories dbtime="0.5" time="1"/>
                        <cl ns="14" sortkey="Bild:LC80.JPG" timestamp="2008-06-25 08:50:45">Kategorie:Plattform 1</cl>
                        <cl ns="14" sortkey="Bild:LC80.JPG" timestamp="2008-06-25 08:50:45">Kategorie:Prospektfotos</cl>
</yurik>                ......

Now with the NEW Api I am trying the following:

I am getting almost the same, but not the timestamps:
                        <page pageid="243" ns="6" title="Bild:LC80.JPG">
                                        <cl ns="14" title="Kategorie:Plattform 1" sortkey="Bild:LC80.JPG"/>
                                        <cl ns="14" title="Kategorie:Prospektfotos" sortkey="Bild:LC80.JPG"/>

The official Documentation of the API tells me to use "clprop" as a parameter to "prop=categories" but it always throws the error "<error code="clunknown_clprop" info="Unrecognised value for parameter 'clprop'"/>" after appending "clprop=timestamp" to my calling routine.

Is there somebody who can help me?

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Tobias Heilmannseder

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